Customer Satisfaction Study for Bharat Electronics

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is a public sector company which deals in aerospace and defence products with about nine factories, and few regional offices in the country. It is owned by the Indian Government and primarily manufactures advanced electronic products for the Indian Armed Forces. Bharat Electronics Limited is one of nine PSUs under the Ministry of Defence of India. It has been accorded Navratna status by the Government of India.

Bharat Electronics Limited desired to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for its various products which are manufactured at 14 sites (Business Units) all over India. Market Insight Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was engaged to conduct the same.

MIC adopted a multi-pronged approach for conducting the customer satisfaction study. Desk research was performed to gather information regarding various products. In depth interviews were done with various customers of BEL through F2F, Telephone, Mail, Fax and posts and the data collected was analyzed and then presented to the client (BEL) in the form of a report.

The Customer Satisfaction Study provided BEL an active insight into its processes which involve customer interaction. In addition to this the report provided both qualitative and quantitative aspects of all the processes involved which gave the client an even better understanding of the feedback from its customers.

Market for Long Afterglow Phosphor Powder (LAP)

MIC was entrusted by NRDC to conduct a market survey for assessing market potential, the feasibility of Long Afterglow Phosphor (LAP) for application in defence, domestic, commercial as well as in scientific domains.
National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), an enterprise of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology is wholly dedicated to the promotion of new technologies. Their basic charter involves technology commercialization needed for closing gaps in the “innovation chain”.

Photoluminescent materials with long afterglow was developed as a base for non-radioactive luminescent paints used for various signs and directions, wall painting, in art and polygraphy, office and shop window decoration, as well as a filler for plastics, films, artificial fibres, leathers, rubbers, textiles, ceramics and various articles on their base. Surprisingly, LAP has now found its new place in varied areas like Defence and Medical sectors.

After a detailed desk research which included the study of journals and magazines, encyclopaedias, periodicals and many more product related books/reports for Long Afterglow Phosphor, MIC did a field survey.

MIC found that although there is an already existing retail market which operates on imports, there can be very fast paced market development if its full potential is tapped.

There is an urgent need to start domestic production to go forward with this technology as it offers not only technological solutions but also social development.

MIC Conducts Audit for Airport Authority India’s CSR Initiatives

Companies have, in their own ways been contributing to the foundation of CSR in India. They have, with their desired methods of intervention, been addressing national concerns. In alignment with the objectives of Government of India, Market Insight Consultants joined hands with Airport Authority of India in their initiatives.
The CSR commitment of AAI positions its social and environmental consciousness as an integral part of its business plan and its commitment to all its stakeholders including consumers, shareholders, employees, local communities and the society at large.

The construction of school toilets and Establishment of eco-friendly Solid Waste Management (SWM) facilities was its one of the steps towards their goal achievement. Airports Authority of India conducted a third-party audit of its selected facilities established under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program across different states in India. The CSR initiatives comprised construction of school toilets and establishing eco-friendly Solid Waste Management (SWM) facilities keeping in mind the development of society at large. AAI engaged Market Insight Consultants to conduct the audit.

A Multi-pronged approach was adopted for conducting the audit by Market Insight Consultants. This included sample selection of CSR initiatives from the lists provided, site visits by MIC representatives, auditing the site through personal observation supported with actual photographs. There was a thorough verification of the records provided by AAI including telephonic verification.

The facilities were audited on parameters like the functional status of the facility or equipment, quality of construction, maintenance and utilisation through visits and a detailed report was provided. Efforts were made to report tangible and measurable results including a number of beneficiaries and impact on their lives. Human interest stories were a part of the reporting to highlight the qualitative impact of the CSR initiative.

This association with AAI makes us proud and we wish to align with more such organisations for the benefit of the society in the future.

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